Meeting Agenda 1/29/2015

By | January 29, 2015

Date & Time: 1/29/2015 6:00PM

Location: EERC 422 (School of Technology Conference Room)


(Aden) Master’s Overview

(Bialas) GeoLeague, Husky Plaza updates

Upcoming Dates:

1/31: Initial report on husky plaza project to Brenda

2/19: Spring ASPRS Conference Abstracts Due

2/20: GSG Travel Grant

2/25-2/26: GSG Research Colloquium 

3/13: WGL ASPRS Student Travel Grants

3/27: WGL Geospatial Confluence Abstracts Due

3/27: Eastern UP GIS Conference, Marquette

4/17: WGL Geospatial Confluence

5/4-5/8: Spring ASPRS Conference