Meeting Agenda 1/22/2015

By | January 21, 2015

Date & Time: 1/22/2015 6:00PM

Location: EERC 422 (School of Technology Conference Room)


(Brenda Rudiger) Husky Plaza Project

(Harrington)Trail Mapping and Analysis in the Pilgrim River Watershed Project.

(Bialas) Fixed Wing UAV Status

(Bialas) GeoLeague Plans

Upcoming Dates:

1/26: GeoLeague Registration

1/31: Initial report on husky plaza project to Brenda

2/19: Spring ASPRS Conference Abstracts Due

2/20: GSG Travel Grant

2/25-2/26: GSG Research Colloquium 

3/13: WGL ASPRS Student Travel Grants

3/27: WGL Geospatial Confluence Abstracts Due

4/17: WGL Geospatial Confluence

5/4-5/8: Spring ASPRS Conference