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ASPRS Awards & Scholarships

ASPRS offers a wide range of awards (in the form of cash award, internship stipend, travel grant, and data) totaling more than $50,000. These awards are available to both undergraduate and graduate students-members of ASPRS and others working in the fields of photogrammetry and remote sensing. ASPRS recognizes that students are the future practitioners in these rapidly evolving fields and qualified students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.

To be eligible, students must attend an accredited university and, for many awards, must be a member of ASPRS. All awards ask that students submit samples of their work and research goals as part of their application, and that they submit a final report to ASPRS outlining their research accomplishments upon completion of grant period. For a complete description of each award, please see the official ASPRS Awards & Scholarships webpage.

ASPRS Certification Programs

The ASPRS Certification program* is designed to proimprove performance of the licensee, provide a measure of competence and qualifications of a professional for a potential client, helpts to coidfy a professional code fo ethics for the licensee. practitioner recognition and knowledge advancement. For a complete description of each certification, please see the official ASPRS Certification Guidelines.



* Undergraduate or graduate students may apply for the Provisional Certification program, which provides a path for graduating students to achieve certification prior to meeting the on-job requirements.

Other Professional Certification/Licensing Programs

Environmental Science Research Institute (Esri) Certification
The Esri Technical Certification Program recognizes qualified individuals who are proficient in best practices for using Esri software. Esri Technical Certifications are awarded in different areas of expertise at both an Associate and Professional level. The program is open to Esri users worldwide. Find out more.